It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s Super CRM Heroine!

Remember reading Supergirl, Wonder Woman or Batgirl comics and marveling at the amazing ability of superheroes to see through walls, or hear a whisper a continent away? Today’s customer-centric leaders can look to modern CRM and Big Data technology to give them superhuman skills. Imagine that you, a business owner or manager, could, with the click of a button, listen in on or even participate in any customer conversation that your employees were engaged in?

The team at Dossier, previously from companies like Oracle and Keynote, wished we had this amazing ability, without having to check in with far-flung employees to find out what was the latest with a deal, or stalk them on Slack, Gmail or Hipchat. Most CEOs have a list of top 10 deals and top 10 customers on their mind at all times. Yet, they often ask their head of sales: “what’s happening with ______?” The best that the sales head can do is to quickly tap out a message to his or her regional directors or account managers, and ask what’s going on with ______. Information then filters up in unpredictable ways, sometimes on email, sometimes being paraphrased, but the source of truth is too far away. Often that leads to an inaccurate picture of what’s happening at a client, and critical sales information is hidden, inadvertently or deliberately.

A team of CRM and Big Data experts got together to figure out how to make lead and customer conversations transparent, fast, and make our teams super responsive. That’s why we built the new Join feature in Dossier by Dossier, an app which transforms email, chat and messaging into a customer response app. Here are some examples of how business owners and managers use this feature:

meg-circle-profile Laura Macintosh is CEO of a marketing and design agency. She has been worrying over timely customer communications, because email conversations her team and contractors have with customers are sometimes invisible to her. So she’s asked to be cc’d on every email, and now her inbox is overflowing. None of them can keep up with emails to see which customers need followup, and what actions are assigned to their contract designers and copywriters.
ken-circle-profile Marcus Price, VP of Customer Success at a B2B software company, EasyBillings, is finding it more and more difficult to obtain continuous visibility into top clients’ interactions. Fortune 500 customers have recently started using EasyBillings, and Marcus is not always cc’d in those emails; yet he wants to know immediately when requests come in from those clients. Sometimes the request is very time-sensitive and he is not made aware of it until it’s late.
lamar-circle-profile Jonathan  Abrams, the new Chief Revenue Officer at Global Technologies, is raring to go. For 30 days since he was brought on, the board of directors asked for more accuracy on this quarter’s forecast. He has been waiting to get deeper insights into the sales pipeline with his account team. Instead of calling each of the sales directors every Monday, he signs up for Dossier, an app for organizing customer communications that can help him gain that precious insight into any conversation between his reps and top leads or clients.

Have you ever found yourself in any of the situations above? Wouldn’t it be nice and highly productive for you and your team to immediately jump in to timely conversations with customers, vendors, or contractors? Without being cc’d or emailed ad nauseam? 

Enter Dossier.

Dossier is a state-of-the-art app that speeds up conversations with customers, leads, and team members, giving you and your team members the ability to join current email, chat and messaging conversations with one click. No more rifling through your overflowing inbox looking for the latest emails from team members to your customers and vice versa. No more leaving voicemails and waiting for responses from your client facing team. You can respond immediately, and Dossier shows you which customers are online so that you can Skype or message them instantly. And now this feature is available to all customers.

How to Join Any Customer Conversation in Dossier

  1. Sign in to Dossier at
  2. Dossier magically identifies customers and finds all conversations.
  3. Invite any number of your team members to Dossier for free.
  4. When your team members sign in to Dossier, they immediately see all the conversations in which they can participate simply by clicking Join.
  5. As your team begins conversations with customers you previously didn’t have access to, you are able to view and join these conversations.

Join conversations with customers

JOIN Gives You Immediate Visibility into Customer Conversations

Millions of Customer Records Collected Daily

At your company, whether you are small or large, hundreds to tens of thousands of customer conversations happen every day. These conversations are, increasingly, tracked in your CRM, such as Salesforce or Hubspot, since these are your systems of record. However, saving conversations that are happening in real-time in the CRM is like looking in the rear-view mirror as you pass your customer stranded on the highway – it’s impossible to turn back time and address the situation immediately. What we need is a system of real-time customer engagement – with an application that needs to intimately aware of the collective intelligence in lead and customer conversations. Transforming all channels of communications – thousands of email inboxes, web site chats, in-app chats, helpdesk tickets, and assigned tasks – into a customer response system calls for real-time CRM and Big Data expertise. The Dossier team’s engineers worked at Oracle (the biggest system of record in the world), Keynote (an analytics company whose systems collected close to 1 billion rows in an Oracle database every single day), and other team members from Salesforce and Pegasystems (an enterprise CRM company). The intelligent routing technology designed by the Dossier team analyzes these conversations and enables us to analyze millions of customer records every day.

About Su Piercy

Su joined Dossier to stay ahead on the exciting technology speedway that is the world of SaaS apps. Working out of her home office in Colorado Springs, CO, Su uses Dossier to get new customers up to speed with Dossier. She’s amazed at the recursiveness of it all.

Dossier is an app for organizing customer conversations, no matter where it happens, with zero disruption to the ways you already communicate. Based in San Francisco, Dossier is helping business owners, business professionals and teams around the globe intelligently sync their customer communication channels and organize documents, tasks and more. Welcome to a new way to build better customer relationships and a better business. Sign up for a free account today at