Say goodbye to “where did that email go?” with

Dossier organizes customer conversations in Hubspot. Sync contacts, email and chats with HubSpot automatically.


All your leads and customer conversations synced to HubSpot.

Contacts added to HubSpot

Contacts are intelligently synced from your email and added to HubSpot, auto-magically.

Email history synced to HubSpot

Your email inbox synced, sorted and organized in HubSpot, so you and your team will never miss a beat.

Website chats synced to HubSpot

Website chat transcripts synced to HubSpot, so leads will never slip though the cracks again.

Watch this 2 minute explainer video.

HubSpot updated every millisecond.

All your companies, contacts, emails, and chats synced to HubSpot—instantly

A customer response system for the HubSpot CRM.

Instantly pinpoint customer emails

Sync your Gmail or Outlook 365 inbox.
Create intelligent "dossiers" for clients.
Organize client docs, tasks and contacts.

Instantly respond to web site chats

Add web site chat in minutes.
Respond to chats on your phone or email.
Know when site visitors return.


Always be on top of your communication

Use the team-friendly features of Dossier to respond to your customers and leads and collaborate in real time. All your data is always synced to HubSpot, so you never have to worry about updating your CRM.

Responding to customers has never been easier.

Assign customer emails to team

Convert emails to tasks and assign them.

Immediately see customer emails

Get bcc'd when a customer emails anyone.

Identify emails needing responses

Email tags help you find open requests.

Be in the loop with your sales process

Manage your prospects and customers as they move though your sales process. Your sales team has all the information at their fingertips when responding to customers.

Automatically track chat leads in HubSpot

Chat transcript for leads on your website are automatically synced to HubSpot. So you team always knows what's happening, with each lead.