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Team up in Slack, HubSpot, Asana to share, assign and respond to both workplace and customer communications.


Join 1000+ Teams Worldwide

Dossier is used by teams to build better customer relationships and a better business. Serving customer-facing teams like operations, support and sales, and internal client teams like helpdesk and marketing, Dossier causes zero disruption to the ways they already communicate. They can use Slack, Asana or HubSpot to collaborate on customer requests, with zero disruption to the ways they already communicate.

How Dossier works

Dossier is an real-time platform for organizing customer conversations, no matter where they happen, with zero disruption to the ways you already communicate. Dossier listens to customer conversations in 3 ways—on incoming email, website chats, or in your Web application. We instantly sync these to platforms your team already uses, such as Slack, Asana, Zendesk and HubSpot, so everybody can continue to use their favorite app.

Automatically sync with enterprise apps

Our technology is a multi-tenant SaaS platform for syncing, monitoring and alerting on workplace conversations. Organizations that use Dossier have many teams, each using different apps. Everybody uses Outlook, but only Sales uses Salesforce, developers use Slack, legal uses Box, support uses JIRA, and interoperability is important. Dossier syncs customer communications between these apps without employees having to think about it. You don't even need admins to manage Dossier–it’s a self-service platform that just works.

It's easy to get started

And nothing new to learn. It's magical.